When Should You Stop Swaddling Your Baby; Steps for Transition

When Should You Stop Swaddling Your Baby; Steps for Transition

When should we stop swaddling is a common query among the moms because there is much information available without a clear answer. If your baby is sleeping well with a swaddle, there is no need to change it. When can you stop swaddling your baby is different, and the answer to this question is whenever you want. But when you should stop swaddling your baby is different.

In this post, we will discuss how to stop swaddling, and when should we stop swaddling our babies in detail. Let us continue;

Why should you swaddle your young one

Parents often learn this technique from the nurses when they do it after the baby is born. This is becauseĀ 

  • It is a helpful way to calm your baby when they have trouble sleeping. Swaddling mimics the feeling of the baby as he is in the womb. He feels very comfortable and safe in the soft, cozy blanket.
  • The idea behind the cozy swaddle is that if the arms stay warped in the swaddle, the baby won’t be able to wake up suddenly with the startle reflex. In this way, the baby and parents are able to enjoy some more sleep.

When should you stop swaddling your baby

It is advised that parents should stop swaddling at two months. This is because babies develop a skill to roll over at four months, and doctors want to make sure they stop swaddling well before the baby starts to roll over on his stomach because it may be dangerous.

For parents who are worried about their babies sleeping, try alternate methods. But usually at this age babies are able to self-soothe themselves. here I list some ways to soothe your baby

Ways to soothe you babies

It is a usual habit that babies wake up in the night because they do not have a regular sleep cycle until six months. But if you are worried, then try alternate methods which are discussed here.

  • Create a quiet relaxation atmosphere before bedtime.
  • Maintain the temperature of the room. It is neither very warm nor very cold.
  • Use a pacifier
  • Play a white noise machine to draw out any sound that might cause the baby to awake.
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule.