When to Give Baby Water; a Must-read Guide for Parents

When to Give Baby Water; a Must-read Guide for Parents

Wondering when to give baby water in addition to breastfeeding. Most breastfeeding babies do not need additional water because breast milk contains 88% water and all those fuels which your little one needs. Formula-fed babies also do not need extra water.

Water supplements can be risky for newborns (mainly 3 to 4 weeks infant)

It is advised that not to give water supplements to those newborns who are at only 3 to 4 weeks because

  • Water supplements are associated with the production of bilirubin levels, excess weight loss, and tend to newborn stay longer in hospital.
  • Water can lead to severe conditions called oral water intoxication. It can dilute the other nutrients levels in the baby’s body.
  • Water feeding tends to fill up your baby’s body and lead to less interest in nursing. 

When to give baby water

So the question arises when to give baby water. It is suggested that wait until you have started solids. You can use solids between 4 and 6 months, but most experts suggest that you start solids when your child is around six months. 

Once your little one starts taking water, offer a little at a time. Due to the increased activity of your child, less intake of milk and increased rate of solid food water intake will naturally increase. This amount increases each year. Staying hydrated for those babies’ past newborn stage can help your child to have proper bowel movements.

Guidance to make sure adequate hydration

Most children need to provide frequent access to water, and they will have to drink enough to meet their needs. If you have trouble in encouraging your child to consume water try our following tips

  • Different colors and shapes attract little ones. You could use colorful cups so that your little ones are excited about drinking that water.
  • Use water-rich foods such as watermelon, oranges, and grapes. You can also flavor water with lemon and cucumber to make it fun for him.
  • Kids are not able to regulate body temperature as adults. Encourage water intake before, during, and after activities.

Benefits of hydration in babies

  • Transport nutrients and oxygen to cells while helping remove waste.
  • Adequate hydration maintains blood volume in young ones.
  • It keeps your child joints and tissues lubricated.

Friends and family say it is necessary to give water in his first months of life. It is best to hold off until your little one is taking solids to avoid potential health problems.

Your baby may be ready to take his first sip of water at six months. However, it is essential to realize that newborns and toddlers have different hydration mechanisms compared to adults. So ask your doctor how much your young one needs before drinking water.