When to Have a Baby Shower; Things You Need to Know

When to Have a Baby Shower; Things You Need to Know

Not sure when should you have a baby shower? Baby showers are one of the most traditional ways in which you gather your family and friends to show their joy at your pregnancy. It is a time when your family and friends share their memorable moments with you and shower their love, gifts, and good wishes before your baby arrives.However, it can get confusing when to have a baby shower. So we have created this guide for you so read this guide to discover some ideas about baby showers, how to plan, and when to have a baby shower.

When do you have a baby shower

The baby shower can be held at any time but particularly although this is commonly celebrated in the third trimester around the 23rd week of pregnancy. Because there is less chance of miscarriage and at this stage of gestation, you know the sex of your baby.

Your friends and family know the gender, so they choose gifts accordingly. If you want to throw the shower after the baby’s birth, this is also fine.

How to decide date and time for baby shower

The host should consider different things before deciding the baby shower date and time. Here I list some factors you should consider

Seasonal time 

Summer and spring seasons are best for outdoor shower plans. The holiday season may be challenging for the host because everyone is out of the town.

Best time of the week

If the shower’s timing falls closer to the weekend or other family event, all who live outside the town also attend your baby’s shower. If your friends and family have a busy weekend, then host the shower party on the weekday.

Best time of the day

The best time for the blessing-way is lunchtime. Some women love to have a happy hour shower of cocktails at sunset while others prefer to celebrate at bunch time. Schedule your activities and schedule your time accordingly.

How to throw the baby shower

The baby shower party is completely according to the mom-to-be. She cannot bring herself through the party, so close family members and friends can throw this party on behalf of the mother- to- be. Here are some factors you can consider while planning a baby shower


It is the first and most important factor because it reflects the moms-to-be personality while partying for a new baby. Fairy Tail theme could be perfect if the baby is a girl. 


It is ideal for throwing a this event from home instead of from a restaurant or party venue—safe money by arranging it at a public park or a home lawn. But make sure that you have a permit for your occasion.

Guest list

Prepare a guest list whom you want to invite. It is ideal for inviting your close family and friends. But for more enjoyable moments, it is up to you to invite your neighbors and co-workers.


Your invitation must be unique and reflect your party theme as well. Create an online invitation instead of printing cards. And make sure that the invitation must have your baby registry.

The baby registry helps the guest to choose gifts according to gender.


There are lots of ideas for baby showers. You can use different sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to select your decor theme.


There are plenty of games you can play with your guests to save them from boring. You can also search for games for this event from the internet. Make sure that you have all the supplies for the baby shower and gifts for the winners if you can manage.


You can thank your guests by giving them thank gifts. Small bags with candies and cookies are very demanding for the baby showers. 

A baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate your happiness. Having the baby shower at the right time can help you to celebrate it without any worry and discomfort. Once the party is scheduled, and the guest list is prepared, all you do is to show up.

Do not feel stressed at the last minute if the party is perfectly organized. I hope this guide is helpful for you to plan your baby shower.


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