When to Tell People You Are Pregnant ;Guideline for you

When to Tell People You Are Pregnant ;Guideline for you

Are you excited to break this big news to your family and friends? It is obvious you are but confused when to tell people you are pregnant. When and how it is totally up to you. Most moms-to-be wait to share their news until  13 weeks because the risk of miscarriage goes away. 

Studies have shown that about 80% of miscarriage takes place in the first trimester. After this first-trimester risk drops to less than 5 per cent. In this article, we will discuss in detail to answer your question.

When to tell people you are pregnant

Some announce just after the positive pregnancy test

Some women cannot wait and announce just after they get their test reports. If you are thinking to announce it initially remember that there is a high risk of miscarriage at this time than other time during pregnancy.

Announcing pregnancy at 6th week

At the sixth week, you can get an ultrasound report and the fetus heartbeat. You can announce at this stage if you are working at occupational and potential hazards such as working in a chemical lab.

Sharing news earlier would be suitable for parents who find it difficult. People around them help them during this beautiful period.

Announcing at 12 weeks

It is the best time to announce as we discussed earlier that the risk falls down gradually. This is the time when you have an ultrasound, and your fetus looks like a baby, so it is the ideal time. 

Announcing pregnancy after 12 weeks

Some women have a higher risk of pregnancy throughout the period.  So doctors advised them not to announce until you confirmed that there is no risk longer.

History of miscarriage

Moms-to-be have a history of miscarriage should not announce the news until the 20th week when you have full anatomy ultrasound. And confirmed that there is no risk longer.

Health conditions

If you have certain health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, or overweight issues, then you are at higher risk of complications during pregnancy.

Pregnancy discrimination is real, due to which professional women take it personally wiser to wait until they start showing the baby bump. 

Taking all these factors, doctors advised that ultimately the best time is that when you feel it right.