Why is My Baby Pooping More Than Usual; What is Normal What is Not

Why is My Baby Pooping More Than Usual; What is Normal What is Not

Why is my baby pooping more than usual? You may be amazed by the number of diapers your infant changes every day. Many newborn babies have at least one or two pooping in a day, and this number may increase up to 5 to ten at the end of the first week. Pooping is a good sign that your baby’s stomach is getting plenty of milk. This milk stimulates the digestive tract to poop when your baby’s stomach is full. Breast feeders are usually pooped just after feeding because the formula is harder to digest by the baby.

After some weeks, pooping activity reduces because the stomach grows, and the poop movement settles in a routine. By the six weeks of the age, the baby does not have a bowel movement each day because your baby starts to take solids at this stage. It is not a problem as long as your baby is comfortable.

How pooping movement change as your baby grows

Newborn babies bowel movement changes a lot in days, weeks and first month. This comes in different colors and textures, all of which is an indication of normal for your child.

  • The first poop which is passing is greenish-black in color and sticky in texture and called meconium.
  • This greenish-black color changes to the green color during the first week and turns to yellow to yellowish-brown at the end of the week. The more yellowish color is observed in the breast feeders as compared to the formula feeders.
  • When your baby is ingesting some solids the pooping activity changes, it becomes more strong with a strong odor.

Many parents are worried about the bowel movement color but do not worry because the changing in color may be due to the additives in the food color. When you feel the change in color, think about what you feed your baby.

Different conditions when stool color changes

  • White pooping may be due to the milk and medicines, but it may be an indication of a liver problem.
  • Black or red is caused by tomato juice, soup or red gelatin. But it can mean intestine bleeding.

Why is my baby pooping more than usual?

If your baby poops after every feed, there is no concern. But sometimes frequent pooping can be a sign of diarrhea. Your baby may have diarrhea if

  • His/her pooping is runny.
  • Your baby may poop more often, or pass a large number of stools.
  • The bowel movement is explosive and even run down through the legs.

It should be clear within a week without treatment, but if you feel it does not, then it may be the sign of other diseases. Immediately consult with your doctor.

In the meantime, take a look at your baby food and milk. If you feel any dehydration sings then also contact your pediatrician who gives you re-hydration supplements. 

When to call a doctor

Call your pediatrician for medical help if

  • Your child has more than normal poops
  • Poops contain an unusual amount of water and mucous
  • Your baby’s poops are hard, and your baby feels difficulty in passing a bowel movement.