Why the Baby Hiccups in the Womb; is There a Need to Worry?

Why the Baby Hiccups in the Womb; is There a Need to Worry?

Pregnancy is the period in which the mother and the baby continuously changing themselves. The mother feels a new sensation at this time. Sometimes she feels the movement of the fetus and hiccups of a baby. So, the question arises in mind, “Why the baby hiccups in the womb?” let’s discuss in detail:

What is the baby hiccups in the womb?

 A mother senses the kicks and movement of her fetus; it is called quickening. It starts around 18 to 20th week of pregnancy. In this period, she feels many other changes in herself. Start with the butterfly kicks, rhythmic movement, popcorn popping, and rolls all are the signs of your fetus development. 

The rhythmic twitching and pulsing may be the fetal hiccups of the baby. 

What is the reason behind it?

In the second or third trimester, the mother starts feeling hiccups. It is a natural thing that happened in the gestation period. Every mother feels it at a different time; mostly, it seems in the sixth month. 

For hiccups, there is no specific theory until now. Most people said that the hiccups are the sign of lung maturation. So, in the baby’s development, they play an essential role. 

After the 32 weeks of pregnancy, if the mother feels them regularly. Contact the doctor because it is not expected at this stage. 

How could you differentiate between hiccups or kicking?

If the mother feels any movement in her belly, she should start walking or change her position. It happens mostly when the baby feels uncomfortable in one place and try to move. It also occurs when a mother indulges some hot or cold eatables that affect the baby’s sensation. 

But hiccups are different; the continuous or rhythmic movement in the same part of the belly is considered hiccups. 

Is there a need to worry?

There is no need to worry, as I’ve mentioned earlier. These are the signals of developing organs in the baby. But if it remains in the last weeks of pregnancy, you must ask to doctor. It may be a cord problem.

The umbilical cord issue occurs when the oxygen doesn’t adequately supply or cut off from mother to fetus. The problems that happen after it is:

  • Stillbirth
  • A large amount of Co2 in blood
  • Blood pressure high
  • Heart rate increases
  • May cause brain damage

These could happen if you don’t give the proper attention and go to the doctor. 

Suppose the mother feels a sudden change in hiccups’ speed, i.e., fast or slow hiccups during the 28th week. Must go to checkup. In general, hiccups are not the thing to worry about, but the time in which it starts or stops should be under observation. 

I hope you have cleared your confusion about hiccups and have found your query. In the gestation period, the mother should be conscientious about her health as she is going to birth.  Stay happy, and best of luck!