NeuroGum Sleep Melts 1mg

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Support better sleep and promote calmness with NeuroGum Sleep & Recharge Melts containing 1mg of melatonin. These sugar-free mints with chamomile and lemon balm are fast-dissolving and convenient for adults seeking a gentle yet effective sleep supplement.


NeuroGum Sleep & Recharge Melts offer a gentle yet effective solution to improve sleep quality and promote relaxation. Each mint contains 1mg of melatonin, expertly balanced to support better sleep without causing morning drowsiness.

Key Features

  1. Melatonin 1mg Dosage: Perfect for those seeking a gentle sleep supplement, these mints contain 1mg of melatonin to support restful sleep without morning drowsiness.
  2. Calming Herbal Blend: Infused with lemon balm and chamomile extracts, known for their calming properties, to complement melatonin and promote relaxation for a peaceful sleep.
  3. Fast-Acting Dissolvable Mints: These sugar-free mints dissolve in just 30 seconds and require no water, providing superior convenience for bedtime use.
  4. Enhanced Sleep Quality: In addition to promoting better sleep, the herbal ingredients in these mints work synergistically to improve overall sleep quality.
  5. Non-Habit Forming Solution: Crafted to be a safe and non-habit forming sleep supplement, these melts offer a natural alternative to support better sleeping habits without harsh chemicals.

NeuroGum Sleep & Recharge Melts in Mixed Berry flavor are ideal for adults seeking a convenient and gentle solution to support relaxation and promote restful sleep. Simply place one mint on your tongue before bedtime and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with ease and comfort.


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